Review reports and research to uncover trends and opportunities to reframe the way we look at the category. 


Analyse your competitor’s positioning and consumer / public perception to unlock opportunities that drive distinctiveness.


Analyse consumer reports, social listening, and interviews to uncover insights, behaviors, and motivators for your brand to leverage on.


Identify strengths and barriers that shape the way the brand is projected internally and externally.

Idealogic’s Brand Audit provides a thorough analysis of all the key factors that impact decision making, helping you gain invaluable insights and develop the right strategy for your consumer and brand.

Our approach has been instrumental in guiding numerous brands in the region to pivot their business and positioning, design winning products and services, and prioritize their investments for optimal results.


Brand Positioning Framework

Our framework covers the building blocks that define the brand, including:

  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Promise
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Brand Pillars
  • Segments
Brand Archetype

Archetype helps brands identify and project a clear, consistent brand personality.

Brand Narrative

The framework is summarised into a concise, one-page articulation of the brand’s story.

Idealogic’s Brand Positioning is a framework that aligns your organization towards a common goal, creating compelling narratives and streamlining product offerings, resulting in a clearer brand story, both internally and externally. 

Our approach has helped numerous brands in the region develop campaigns, brand plans, new innovation ideas, and staff engagement programs.


Mini Brand Audit

Reviewing research, reports, interviews and competitive analysis to help us identify creative ways to approach the brand / business problem.

Campaign Direction

Develop direction based on findings from the Mini Brand Audit which includes:

  • Why is the brief here?
  • What is our task?
  • Why would consumers care?
  • What is the brand’s role?
  • What is the proposition?
Campaign Narrative

Articulating the campaign narrative through data and compelling storytelling

Idealogic’s Campaign Strategy process begins by redefining your brand’s challenges and target audience, then delivering a unique brand point of view that drives behavior change and perception.

Our proven approach has consistently delivered marketing and campaign effectiveness, enabled marketers drive distinctiveness, and helped numerous agencies secure high-profile pitches.


Channel Audit

Evaluate your current channel strategy relative to competitors, identifying opportunities to pivot in owned, earned, shared, and paid channels.

Channel Ecosystem

Create defined roles for each channel and integrate them into a call-to-action path that directs people to the right platform, enabling them to discover & experience more about your brand.

Messaging Pillars

Develop the key pillars that your brand will need to drive consistently to serve the right message at the right time.

Idealogic’s Comms. Blueprint is a playbook that defines roles for each channel, integrating them into a single ecosystem to influence how consumers engage with your brand.

Our blueprint has already helped numerous brands streamline their channels, providing a basis to brief and engage communication agencies and creating parameters to evaluate the success of their marketing efforts.



Minimum sample size of 400, targeted at an agreed upon consumer group.

Questionnaire Design & Fieldwork

Designing questions, translation, dissemination, data gathering and coding.

Data Analysis

Filter and ‘clean’ data, identifying actionable findings that will influence decision making.

Research Report

Produce a research report that includes:

  • Brand Funnel (vs 2 other competitor)
  • Brand Attributes: Functional & Imagery (compared with 2 other competitor)

Idealogic’s Brand Health Tracker is a fast and cost-effective brand health and market study developed in collaboration with VASE.AI, a consumer panel platform with over 2.6 million respondents across ASEAN. 

Our Brand Health Tracker is focused solely on the two areas that are indicative of a brand’s performance compared to your competitors: Brand funnel and brand attributes, including both functional and imagery aspects.




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